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Freestyle Project - Name Sign

Personalise a gift for that special someone by adding their name to it.
Or, create your own sparkly labels for just about anything you like!


Project size:

Height 27 DOTZ® (3in) x Width your Name


Supply List

  • DOTZ® FABRIC ROLL Grid with Adhesive
  • DOTZ® Stylus, Wax and Craft Tray
  • 3in wide plywood or MDF strip
  • piece of rope or ribbon for hanging



Freestyle Project - Name Sign


  • The grid fabric is pre-printed with a grey grid that consists of 9 squares per inch both horizontally and vertically and is covered with a super-sticky adhesive. The adhesive is covered with a thin protective film to keep the adhesive sticky and clean.
  • Wash your hands before you begin.
  • Start dotting from the right side of the design and complete row by row, following the pattern as you go. Refer to alphabet chart to personalize your sign.
  • When you have completed the whole design, place the protective film over the DOTZ® and roll over firmly with a rolling pin.
  • Trim excess fabric
  • Trim plywood strip to the size of your design.
  • Attach hanging rope or ribbon.
  • Attach dotted design to a sign with fabric glue.




  • Peel the film back from the first area you’d like to apply the gems to. Do not remove the protective film from the whole fabric piece; gradually peel back the film as you work.
  • Start at the top dot on the very right side row and fill the right side vertical row first.

Alphabet Chart